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Lay's® Show Your Emotions

Let your emotions loose with Lay’s® and NHL® superstar Brent Burns.

The Lay’s® Show Your Emotions Contest is now closed, but you can still…

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hockey players

Limited Time
NHL®-Themed Lay's® Bags

Unleash your hockey emotions and make games more fun to watch.

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ketchup lays chip bag
dill pickle lays chip bag
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bbq lays chip bag
salt and vinegar lays chip bag


A play-by-play of everything you need to know.

  • When did the contest end? Down Arrow

      The contest closed on April 28, 2018 at 11:59:59 pm (ET).

  • How does the experience work? Down Arrow

      Visitors to the site will be coached on how to show their emotions, as inspired by specially-marked bags of Lay's® potato chips. The website uses web camera technology to read the visitor's face, determining their emotions through facial recognition. Simply make the face that best matches the emotions presented.

  • Why won’t the coaching experience work for me? Down Arrow

      The online coaching experience uses some pretty fancy facial recognition technology. To ensure that it works properly, update your browser and OS software to the latest versions.

      Also, ensure you are in a well-lit area as this is necessary for the in-camera recognition technology to work properly.

      Please note, the in-camera recognition technology could potentially have problems registering your face.